my name is Wilneth.

I am based out of San Antonio, Texas but will pack my bags in a heartbeat and go wherever you want me to be!

I love how a camera gives me the superpower to preserve moments that would otherwise vanish into distant memories. Preserving the life of others is truly a dream. MOMENTS ARE PRECIOUS. And if you are anything like me, you definitely want to remember ALL of them.

The GREATEST thing that has happened in my life is the title of becoming a "MOM". I have a precious baby boy with my incredible husband Josh. There has been lots of tiny pinch me moments that have made me smile because I am truly living the life I have always prayed for. I have made it a priority to get in a photo with my son every few weeks, because my favorite pictures from my childhood are the ones that have my mom in it.

I enjoy taking pictures of my family every single chance I get. If there's not a picture of it, did it really even happen? My husband would certainly argue that yes, it DID indeed happen LOL. BUT, he truly is the most supportive towards my crazy love of capturing moments. 

My husband is my better half and you'll probably know all about him if you know me! He's witty as hell + can build anything! I feel like everyone loves him so much and I'm pretty sure someone paid him to marry me?

We only






Nothing makes me more emotional than watching daddy daughter dances

From a very young age, I have always carried an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. It was always important for me to capture precious and very real moments that were in front of me.
Though photography was my first love, I decided to pursue a more practical college degree and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Public Health (and it is beautifully collecting dust on my shelf LOL). After graduating, I landed my first big girl job as a Field Supervisor at a HealthCare Agency. At the time, I was doing more photography as a creative outlet to the point that I realized I was booking myself out every day after work and free weekend that I had off from my job. 

I quickly learned that capturing other's moments brought me inexplicable joy. There is no greater joy that I have experienced than through my life with my family and it would be such an honor and pleasure to be able to capture you with yours, too. 

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